Samsung Chromebook-2-11-6-Inch-Classic

After a good research and lot of hard efforts the Samsung Company brings forth you the Samsung Chromebook 2. This particular laptop serves you the best at the price it is being sold off. With various advanced and good features it is a sure buy for people. Those who have the laptop already bought are more than happy.

What is chromebook?

Basically is basically an application which helps you to get connected to the internet. You can perform many of your works online through chromebook and also send and receive the data to whoever you want. By using Google app you can create documents, spreadsheets, edit photos and many more on the chromebook. There are certain softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. which do bothers when run with the chrome operating system. But on the other hand all these softwares and many more can be viewed and operated on your chromebook by using Google apps.

Why Samsung Chromebook 2 is different?

Samsung Chromebook 2 has a lot of things which can prove it to be one of the best laptops. It gives fast performances and maintaining it is quite easy.

Samsung Chromebook 2

This laptop has been beautifully designed. It is slim, light weighted and has a classic leather-like stitched designs. It weighs nearly 3 pounds which makes it easily portable. It has a powerful Exynos 5 Octa processor. It boots up within 10 seconds. The Wi-Fi speed that it delivers is thrice faster than the standard speed which is 802.11n. This laptop offers 4 GB of system memory and 16 GB of storage. It measures 0.66 by 11.4 by 8.06 inches (H x W x D). Some other striking features in the list are image optimization and noise reduction, improved video as well as chatting, while the security features like automatic updates and sandboxing technology protects your Chromebook from viruses and malware. This laptop comes with Air Droid Premium, Wunderlist Pro and Little Bridge software.

This laptop allows you to play music, works on your document and surf the internet all at the same time. The best part is you can do multitasking without hanging. Hence this altogether gives you a wonderful working experience.


Though the Samsung Chromebook 2 is slim but is has a powerful HD display. The screen such is 11.6 inches. All these features help you to view images, videos, etc. very clearly.


The keyboard is designed in such a way that it gives you faster typing. The keys are kept slightly curved, and are made quite distinct so that you have a faster as well as comfortable typing. The keyboard size is kept standard so that keys are sized well and on it edges there are various slots for plugging in different devices and working with them simultaneously. It includes USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a micro SD card slot, and a headphone port. You can use all the ports all at the same time and enjoy the experience.


The Samsung Chromebook 2 gives a wonderful performance. Whether you are watching video or movie or playing games or holding video conference you going to have the best picture quality. The HD system of this laptop is so well developed that it gives amazing display and you have a good visual. The speakers of this laptop are a big asset while you are enjoying movie or paying games. We all know that when we watch movie or play video games it is very important to have good sound quality as this enhances the movie or the games interest, hence the speakers are designed in such a way that you get the best sound and at the same time they are not uncomfortable to your ears rather gives a good effect.

A convenient software pack includes Air Droid Premium, Wunderlist Pro, and Little Bridge. But what is the actual use of these softwares? It is that with Air Droid Premium, you can use your Chromebook to manage your Android devices on the web. You can transfer files, SMS and manage images and playlist, all at one place. Wunderlist software is great to manage your work it helps to synchronize you to-do list and is also the best to share your project updates with your co-workers. Little bridge is software which provides online English courses. This software is helpful for those who wish to learn English whether a kid or a grown up person.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is designed in such a way that it has in-built security features to protect your laptop from any malware or viruses. It has the feature of auto-updating which reminds you whenever an update is available. So you do not have to worry about the updates.


Summing up all this Samsung Chromebook 2 laptop is a good for your work as well as entertainment.

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